What is Damping?

Damping the vehicles is a method used to reduce NVH levels inside a car’s cabin. The damping materials are placed in places where vibrations are prone such as door panels, pillars, roof and floor of the vehicle. Once these are attached, it decreases the background noise and eliminates echoes that may bounce off the boards. As a result, it boosts the audio experience inside the car and prevents outside noises from overpowering the overall music experience

Why Car Damping?

It can be noted that, once we set up car audio systems in our cars, the bass speakers at the back cause strong vibrations. Once we do car damping, the rattling of the bass speakers can be reduced; outside noises can be eliminated, which helps the driver focus on the road. Talking to your loved ones over a call while driving can be heard very clearly without any breaks or noises. Above all, a premium feel can be experienced once we do car door damping.


Vibration Dampers


A standard high-quality vibration damper that comes in four different thicknesses.
  • Lite 1.6mm (light)
  • Iridium 2.0mm (medium)
  • Gold HD 2.6mm (heavy)
  • Quatro 3.8mm (double)


It’s a premium combination of products with three different thicknesses. However, these products are 38 per cent lighter than Earth Line and others in the market. Along with that, these also provide a higher damping coefficient than equivalent class products in the market.
  • Mantle 2.0mm (medium)
  • Pallium 2.6mm (heavy)
  • Armor 4.0mm (double)

Sound Dampers

The sound dampers consist of various products that cover what to be done in the car.

Sound Absorbers

It converts the sound waves into tiny amounts of heat (decimals of a degree)

Sound Insulators

It reflects the sound waves inside the car.

Heat Insulators

Overheating can damage car components and evaporate essential fluids, and these vibrations can create an unpleasant environment. Therefore, heat insulators are developed to reduce the passage of heat.
  • Baffle Plus
  • Baffle Plus BW
  • Baffle Plus Integra
  • Baffle Plus Zima


These products are used for sealing the various spaces created within the car.
  • Bonnet Guard Tape
  • Creak OFF Tape
  • RedWind 2017
  • RedWind 2018
  • Shield



Focused driving

It is crucial to stay focused while driving, as road noises, car honking and other noises can distract your focus. Damping can eliminate these disturbances so that the driver can focus on his road and driving.

Well Insulated Cabin

People always have chatter inside the car; with the car’s rattling noises, people find it annoying to continue a conversation inside the car. Damping a car improves the peaceful atmosphere within the car.

Call Quality

With a premium damping service, the quality of the call will be increased as well. Bluetooth systems can be effective as the noise inside the cabin is eliminated.


Premium feel

Eliminating outside noises gives a premium feel inside the car; a whole new level of privacy is created, ensuring safety and calmness.

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Vehicles we own during our lives are indeed one of the most notable purchases we make. Hence, it is necessary to protect the vehicle within the hands of an experienced company. Being one of the best car accessories in Hyderabad, we are one of the best car modifications in Hyderabad as well, and our services are recommended widely in our areas. Most customers find us

Other Services

Apart from these basic services, we also specialize in car detailing,
nano-ceramic, lighting solutions and more.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the act of performing thorough cleaning & reconditioning.

Nano Ceramic

We all want our car to look as amazing as it did on the day, we bought it.

Lighting Solution

Install a new and quality light system to your car to ensure your safety on roads.


Is damping good for cars?
Yes, it is a cost-effective way of eliminating noise inside a car. It improves the quality of the car’s speakers and creates a quiet environment inside the car. It can be done at the best car decors in Hyderabad, or at the best car accessories in Hyderabad.
How much does damping a car door cost?
Rates differ & it can take you around Rs. 5000 for full car damping, which covers all doors & boot. The exact pricing can be dependent on the car accessories shop in Hyderabad or car modification in Hyderabad.
Why does my car sound deaden?
Sound deadening is an integral part of a car audio system upgrade. It will decrease the amount of road and wind sound that you hear, but it can dramatically enhance the performance of your audio.
Can you soundproof a car?
You can soundproof your car by:
a) Lay sound deadening foam mats under your floor mats.
b) Insulate your car doors and car boot.
c) Change your tires to quiet tires that cause less road noise.

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