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How Car Detailing Service is Much More than Exterior Wash & Interior Cleaning Waxing?

What is Car Detailing Service

What do you think is done in Car Detailing Service? It simply means to clean the car. However, it means a lot; it involves much more than the exterior wash and cleaning and waxing the interior.

Detailing by Twisters Car Detailing Services in Hyderabad

Detailing Service at the Twisters car starts with washing the exterior part and vacuuming the interior one. 

Other services which are included in Twisters Car Detailing Services in Hyderabad include services such as pressure-washing floor mats, road grime, and oxidation of car paint, removing the upholstery, tar, and Carpet strains. 

These types of detailing services are not included in the super-duper car service package and other wax package, but this facility is only provided in Twisters Car Detailing Service. 

Psychological benefits of Twister Car Detailing Service?

The car must be kept clean and shiny so that its resale value can be increased. Mechanical condition, mileage, accidental history can drag down its resale value. Car Detailing at Twisters Car provides psychological benefits that will boost up the owner’s pride of ownership. 

Top Reasons Why Detail Your Car Regularly at Twisters Car Service Centre

  • Detailing your car regularly at the Twisters Car will minimize the effects of everyday wear and tear.
  • Overall cleaning the car improves the overall cosmetic appearance and also the state of the mind of the owners and co-passenger of the car.
  • Regular cleaning at the Twisters Car reduces germ build-up and allergens.
  • If you have a lease car, regular detailing at our service center can help you avoid haggling return fees.

Auto Detailing Package & Features

We provide a different range of auto detailing services at our service station, which will help the various car owners of Hyderabad and many more nearby areas. 4 packages are available at our Car Detailing Service- Economic Package, Premium, Supreme Package, and lastly Ultimate Package. 

Economy Package includes Cleaning of Door jambs, inside and outside of the window, Vacuuming the interior mats and carpets, and hand washes and drying. Besides these 4 features Cleaning and dressing, the Dash, vent, and trim is included in the premium package. 

Cleaning and vacuuming the trunk, polish application, and supreme paste wax application are included in the supreme package. 

Ultimate package at Twisters Car Detailing Service includes all the above-mentioned features. 

It further includes hand polishing and protecting the rims, ultimate paste wax application, application of clay, cleaning and dressing of the engine, interior stain protection cleaning and conditioning the leather/fabric, ozone treatment and application of deodorizer. Lastly, it includes hot water extract and fabric and carpets.

Why Choose Twisters Car Detailing Service in Hyderabad?

We are specialized in Car Detailing Service for a few decades. At our detailing service, you get the highest quality car care products and services. Here our professionals deal with several of other features in Car Detailing Service such as:

  1. Swirl and scratch removal- with our correction compound, the exterior paint is buffed, and then there is the application of the crystal polish to seal the paint to provide a deep glossy wet look. 
  2. Paint water spot removal– It involves washing, buffing, and claying the exterior paint with the correction compound and then applying crystal polish to give a deep wet look.
  3. Interior Shampoo Cleaning– it includes complete carpets, door, mats, dash, console, and headliner with the specially formulated shampoo that cleans, protects, preserves the interior part. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost Car Detailing?
At our Twisters Car Detailing scheduling page, drops down your vehicle information. You will get all the packages priced for your Car Detailing. You can also know what services are included in this package of car detailing. Charges only include travel to your location.
How do I pay for my Car Detailing?
You can pay at our service station directly by swiping your credit or debit card. Further, one can also even make the transaction over the phone.
What is the average duration of the Car Detailing Service?

The time duration of car detailing depends upon the size and the type of vehicle you have, the service package which you have requested, the number of technicians in the crew, and the availability of the specific equipment for car detailing. 

Below is the average duration of car detailing by a single technician-

  1. Interior only- 3/2 hours
  2. Exterior only- 1.5 hours
  3. Budget wash- 30minutes
  4. Silver Detailing package- 1 hour
  5. Gold detailing package- 2 hour
  6. Platinum Car Detailing Package- 3 hours.
Do you provide any gift certificates?
Yes, at Twisters Car Detailing Service, you get a gift certificate for all occasions. We will send you the customized certificate, which can be forwarded by email or printed. You can redeem the certificate amount and can apply that towards the purchase of the costlier package.
Do you guarantee you’re Car Detailing Service?
You can assure satisfaction by going through the customer reviews. If something comes after the service we will offer a remedy to the problem. For example, we offer a 100% guarantee at Twisters Car Detailing service in Hyderabad.
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