What is Seat Covering?

It’s not unusual for a car to outlast for decades these days. But no way a car’s upholstery can last that long. The cloth seats can stain and look stretched or even crack after years of wear and exposure to sunlight. Car seat covers are kept to keep them clean and to keep the seating surface cooler in hot weather and reduce dents in them. We can easily wipe them down or take them out to clean.

Why do we need Seat Covering ?

It is essential to protect your seats from daily wear and tear like spills, dirt, sun fading and other hazards. Using car seat covers, you can give an extra layer of protection to your car seats, also you can cover your damaged tears and wears before spreading them to other parts.

Types of Seat Covers

  • Fabric Seat Covers
    Made of fabric, and helps in protecting original seats from dust and other things. The fabric can resist heat and cold, which gives seating comfort as well.
  • Pure leather seat covers
    It’s still one of the trendiest choices in the seat covering department. These pure leather seat covers are water-resistant and stain-proof, which is more durable and comfortable.



Protect original seats


UV protection


Aesthetic look


Better Resale Value

Why Choose us

Vehicles we own during our lives are indeed one of the most notable purchases we make. Hence, it is necessary to protect the vehicle within the hands of an experienced company. Being one of the best car accessories in Hyderabad, we are one of the best car modifications in Hyderabad as well, and our services are recommended widely in our areas. Most customers find us

Other Services

Apart from these basic services, we also specialize in car detailing,
nano-ceramic, lighting solutions and more.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the act of performing thorough cleaning & reconditioning.

Nano Ceramic

We all want our car to look as amazing as it did on the day, we bought it.

Lighting Solution

Install a new and quality light system to your car to ensure your safety on roads.


Do the seat covers ruin seats?
No, seat covers are intended to protect the original seats in the car. It is advised to get the best car seat covers done at a professional car spares in Hyderabad.
Are car seat covers worth the money?
A good car seat can protect your seats from cracking, stains, bad smells, body fluids, sun damage. Car seat covers are definitely worth the money. The best car decors in Hyderabad can provide the best to your cars.
What causes leather seats to crack?
Body oil and dirt can cause the leather to crack. Together, these act as fine sandpaper, breaking down the protective layer on fully finished leather over time, eventually leading to visible cracks at the surface. You can get your leather seats upholstery checked at car accessories in Hyderabad or car modification in Hyderabad for a better leather seat upholstery.
What is the price of a car seat cover?
Generally, a set could cost around Rs. 3,000/- to Rs.5,000/-. However, car seat upholstery costs may differ at different stations. Get the best from car seat covers in Hyderabad.

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